Farrah Abraham Accused of Letting Sophia Abuse Her Pony

Farrah Abraham with Debra and Sophia

We're trying really hard to give Farrah Abraham the benefit of doubt here. The Teen Mom OG star has been accused of animal abuse, after letting Sophia and her friends paint her pony for the little girl's eighth birthday party.


In case you missed it, Sophia has a miniature horse now named Starburst. And for her birthday, she turned the poor thing into an art project. Which Farrah felt compelled to show off on social media. She shared pics on both her own Instagram account, as well as her daughter's, which we hope to all that is holy that she manages for her. Eight-year-olds do not need to be on social media.

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Anyway, fans seem pretty upset about Starburst's new look, and didn't waste any time calling Farrah out in the comments.

Starburst #mylittlepony got dressed up for her red carpet moment

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One follower wrote, "Poor little pony. Deserves the go to a deserving home and not used as a fashion accessory by a family of idiots." Another chimed in, "Poor horse! That's animal abuse she should be taken away from u! You're a sick human!"

Farrah did not address whether or not the paint was nontoxic, and let's face it -- people decorate their pets like this all the time. Maybe Starburst even enjoyed the attention. But at least one fan pointed out the bigger issue here.

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"Aside from the fact that she's putting color on the horse let's address an even more serious issue that the horse lives in her backyard and the ONLY time we see the poor thing is when it's standing at the door on slate floors begging for attention," wrote one concerned person. "Just because it's a mini horse and you have a fenced in yard doesn't mean that's adequate for the animal."

It's true that we don't really know what goes on on the daily with Farrah and Starburst. But given Farrah's temper flare, along with some of her less-than-stellar parenting choices, we're just hoping that the poor pony is doing okay. And that the paint was nontoxic and specially formulated for animals. The least Farrah could do is reassure her fans that she's a responsible pet owner.

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