Josh Murray All but Confirms That He & Amanda Stanton Are Back Together

Josh Murray

We never saw it coming, but it really seems like last season's Bachelor in Paradise golden couple is actually back together again! Earlier this week, rumors heated up around Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray after photos of them surfaced engaging in some serious PDA. So what's really going on? Josh basically confirmed they're getting back together, thanks to his recent tweet. 


After his trip to LA where he and Amanda reunited (and even exchanged a few smooches, as evidenced by the photos!), it looks like Josh is moving back in with his ex and her daughters. Of course, we're only going off a very cryptic tweet, but that's definitely what it sounds like to us. 

He's packing up and moving for sure, so either he has a new bachelor pad, or he's heading back to that LA life from Atlanta. Time will definitely tell, but we wouldn't be surprised if those cute couple photos started showing up on Instagram again soon.

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And speaking of Instagram, so far, both halves of this potential couple have remained pretty quiet. Amanda has yet to post a photo with Josh in it -- or even one that hints he's in her life again -- and neither has Josh. Hmm ... 

We just hope that if they are back together, this time it works out. That breakup seems to have been hard on them the first time, so we'd hate to see them both heartbroken again so soon! 

And if it doesn't work out? Well, there's always Bachelor in Paradise season 4. 

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