Leah Messer Adds a Cute New Member to Her Family

Leah Messer

Leah Messer might have three energetic little girls she's always chasing after, but her household just got a little fuller! This week, Leah adopted a boxer puppy, and according to the photos and videos she's already shared on Instagram, we can confirm that the little guy is crazy adorable! 


So far, Leah hasn't shared the dog's name, just that he's a boy, and alongside a photo of her cuddling him, she also posted a couple of videos. He's ridiculously cute (and tiny) and we can't wait to see him play with her girls! Ali, Gracie, and Addie have always loved animals, so we know they must be head over heels for this puppy.


We can't wait to find out more about the dog, like what made Leah decide to adopt another animal into her family.

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This dog is also just more evidence that Leah has been doing better than ever over the past year. She's seemed so happy and healthy in all of her social media posts, and it's pretty clear that she's finally able to enjoy her life. We know this puppy will only add to that! 


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Leah, we are dying to know this precious baby's name. Fill us in ASAP! 

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