Nick Viall's Final Choice May Have Caused Him to Have a Breakdown

Nick Viall and Corinne Olympios

Anyone who's been watching this season knows that Nick Viall has had an interesting go of it on The Bachelor. He's been more emotional than we've ever seen him before, and according to reports, it's not going to stop until the final rose has been handed out.


Nick has had some major struggles this season about who to keep around and who to let go, and a fair amount of those decisions were coupled with copious amounts of tears on his part. The ladies may have gotten weepy too, but Nick has definitely been the crier this season. (Possible spoiler alert ahead.)

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In fact, Nick apparently was so overcome by the emotion of making relationship decisions that he pretty much had a mental breakdown over the whole thing. Rumor has it that it comes down to Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi in the final two, and Nick had to make a pros-and-cons list just to decide which woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

An insider reportedly told Life & Style, "Nick told produc­ers he felt like he was in hell ... He was having a complete breakdown and needed re­assurance on who he was picking." Nothing to make a girl feel more loved and special than hearing her intended had a breakdown over choosing her, amirite?

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Anyway, it looks as though Nick needed constant reassurance from host Chris Harrison, and even had to stop filming three separate times in order to powwow with him. The source explained, "Nick was having mixed emotions ... He's in love with both [women]."

Whomever Nick chooses at the end, we're hoping that he's sure of his decision, and starts treating this lady as his number one gal. After all the hemming and hawing and tears and breakdowns over the choice, she deserves to feel like a princess Nick couldn't live without.

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