'Teen Mom' Throwback Photos We're Obsessed With

CafeMom Contributors | Feb 24, 2017 TV
'Teen Mom' Throwback Photos We're Obsessed With

Leah Messer throwback

Come on, who doesn't love going through old photos? We know our readers do! And we've got some good ones here -- we've found some of the best throwback pics of several Teen Mom stars (including their parents! Babs, anyone?). That's right -- the official Teen Mom Instagram as well as the personal Instagrams of several of the show's stars have led us to a treasure trove of great old pics.

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It seems like we've been watching the ladies of Teen Mom grow up forever. We were there since they were in high school (which is a long time ago for some of them!) through the highs and lows of their teen pregnancies, their awkward mid-00s side-bangs, and even a few questionable clothing choices -- we've watched it all. So when a TBT picture comes along, we can almost remember being there! And for the Teen Mom grandparents, well, we love those too, seeing as how we've spent tons of time watching the adults struggle with their babies raising their own babies. We found the best and most nostalgic TBTs we could get of the Teen Mom crew!

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Ready to see what Barbara looked like back in the day? How about Kailyn as a pigtailed elementary school kiddo? Read on!

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