Nathan Griffith's Nude Selfie Is Awfully Suspicious

Nathan Griffith

Nathan Griffith has been sending us some mixed messages on Teen Mom 2 lately! For a while, he was 100 percent against ever getting back together with his ex Jenelle Evans, but these days, he's singing a different tune. Nathan's recent nude selfie could possibly be a ploy to entice her. (Try not to laugh.)


If you follow Nathan on Twitter, you've probably seen the pic where he's standing shirtless with his pants open. But this might not be just another selfie. The pic went up right after he admitted he still has feelings for Jenelle on Teen Mom 2. Uh-oh! 

We're pretty surprised at the things he's admitted on camera, like how he thinks Jenelle is still in love with him, and that he thinks eventually they might end up back together someday. If this photo was meant to entice Jenelle, though, we have a feeling it may not do the trick. 

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After all, Jenelle seems pretty content in her life with David Eason now, especially since they're engaged. If Nathan is thinking she'll leave David for him, he's got another thing coming! 

Besides, we can probably all agree that Nathan and Jenelle just don't work. They weren't good for each other, and the whole time they were together, they were miserable. That's not good for them, and it's really not good for Kaiser! 

Here's hoping Nathan finds the right woman for him, and that his future is drama-free. We have a feeling this guy needs a break! 

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