Jeremy Calvert Hit With Another Salacious Cheating Scandal

Jeremy Calvert

We are all sorts of confused. Jeremy Calvert's love life seems more mixed up than ever, and we can't tell if he's cheated on his fiancée or married her. Regardless, something is definitely up with Jer and Brooke Wehr.


First let's talk about the rumors that Jeremy cheated on Brooke -- with a Teen Mom 2 producer, no less. Leah Messer's ex-husband has been vocal with his criticism of MTV this season in particular, accusing the network on multiple occasions of selective editing to make him look like the bad guy.

According to some reports, Brooke has accused Jeremy of two-timing with producer Mandi Venturino. Brooke's social media has been set to private for the majority of their relationship, but she allegedly sent out a series of nasty memes over the weekend basically calling Jer a cheating scumbag, and even saying, "Guess Leah was right. I should have listened."

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Mandi supposedly denied the allegations by simply responding on Twitter, "#Alternativefacts #fakenews" and "Have a lovely day everyone." She also made a statement to Radar Online, saying, "I have no comment. I'm not allowed to comment."

It seems like things have changed quite a bit from just a week ago, when Calvert referenced Brooke as his wife on Instagram, while the two were out at a concert for date night.

Then again, it was only days later that Jeremy shared a vulgar meme about being single but sick having a "big d***." He also shared a potentially more telling message when he posted a picture of his daughter Addie, and added the caption, "The only girl i need in my life."

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The only girl i need in my life...... only thing she complains about is the wrong color bug juice lmao

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We honestly can't tell what's up with Jeremy and Brooke, but whatever it is, we hope they get their relationship figured out. And maybe they could drop us a line and let us know what's really happening? Inquiring minds would like to know. 

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