Chelsea DeBoer Shares Pic of Proud Big Sister Aubree Holding Baby Watson -- OMG!


When we first found out that Chelsea DeBoer was expecting her second child, we were excited -- not just because we knew she'd be an awesome mom of two, but also because we knew her daughter Aubree would be a great big sister. Over the weekend, Chelsea shared the cutest pic of Aubree and Watson, and we just can't get enough!


In the pic, Aubs is sitting on the couch, cradling a sleeping Watson in her lap. She's just smiling away, and it's pretty clear that she loves this little guy -- and why wouldn't she? He's adorable!

My babes�

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This isn't the first evidence we've seen of Aubree's big sister skills, and so far, she seems to be loving her little brother. After seeing her excited reaction when Chelsea first broke the news to her last year, we had a feeling that Aubree and Watson would one day be inseparable, and now, we're even more convinced.

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Of course, it will be some time before Watson and Aubree can really play together, but this time is so important in building a close sibling relationship. From what we've seen so far, it doesn't appear that Aubree is all that bummed to lose her only child status, and we're loving it. 

We can't wait 'til next season of Teen Mom 2 so we can hopefully see these two interact on the show. Our hearts probably won't be able to take all the cute! 

But in the meantime? Chels, more pictures please! We're obsessed with your adorable little family! 

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