Kailyn Lowry Is Deemed a Bad Mom for Wanting to Go on a Book Tour

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry is a super busy lady these days! Not only is she a single mom to two kids, but she's also a full-time college student who's about to graduate this spring, and let's not forget the whole Teen Mom 2 gig! But is she taking on too much? Kail's fans are attacking her on Twitter, but she doesn't think their criticism is fair.


Kail asked fans if she should go on a book tour via Twitter, and she was met with backlash over the question. Instead of getting excited for the chance to see her in the flesh, some folks immediately called her out for never being around for her children. 

Obviously Kail didn't take the comments well, and she clapped back with a snarky tweet of her own. That's our girl! 

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She has a point. It's Kailyn's business, and if she has time, why shouldn't she spend it the way she wants to? It's true that she's a single mom, but Isaac and Lincoln also spend time with their fathers. If she's off mom duty, why not work and kick some butt in her downtime? 

Besides, shouldn't we be cheering Kail on for doing all this and being an excellent mom, too? This lady has been through so much, but she still manages to be there for her kids -- and she's building a killer career for herself. To us, that doesn't call for criticism, it calls for applause! 

You do you, Kail. And if you do go on a book tour, we'll be first in line! 

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