Chelsea DeBoer Is the Subject of a Nasty Rumor Involving Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer Aubree

When it comes to rumors, Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer is one of the only Teen Mom stars who tends to escape them. But this time, she's not so lucky. There's a report going around saying that Chelsea had phone sex with her ex, Adam Lind, while pregnant, and yes, the details make it seem just as ridiculous as it sounds. 


The rumor came in the form of a blind item, which has been the source for a lot of outlandish gossip about our favorite moms lately.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the blind item goes like this: 

This loser of a former boyfriend to a Teen Mom says he has recordings of himself and the Teen Mom having phone sex while she was pregnant with another man's baby. 

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Yikes! And nobody pointed a finger to Chelsea until a fan jokingly tweeted that it had to be her ... to which Chelsea had exactly the response we did when we found out about this crazy story making the rounds. 

Not only is the idea that Chelsea would ever cheat on Cole, whom she's totally in love with, completely ridiculous, but why would she do it with Adam? She's made her mistakes where he's concerned, but for years now it seems like she's been wise to the fact that he's no good for her. 

Oh, and can we also bring up the fact that Chelsea isn't the only Teen Mom with a "loser" ex who was recently pregnant? This rumor could be pointing to Jenelle, after all -- it's that crazy.

We're glad to see that Chels is keeping her sense of humor about this. Just another reason why we love her! 

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