Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Takes a Subtle Dig at Tyler Baltierra

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran

When it comes to the personal lives of the stars of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham's on-again, off-again love Simon Saran usually has something to say about it. Simon decided to weigh in on the Catelynn/Tyler Baltierra cheating scandal, and his take on the situation is surprising. 


Since the rumors surfaced as part of a blind item post on a gossip site earlier this week, fans have been buzzing about the possibility that the Teen Mom dream couple could actually be splitting. Catelynn and Tyler have refuted the rumors by joking about them on Twitter, but it sounds like Simon is taking them seriously.

While talking to Radar Online, Simon expressed his support for Cate, promising to be there for her. He said: 

I feel really bad about everything. Marriage is something sacred between two people. I'm here for Catelynn if she needs anything.

Um, sweet thought, and so unlike Simon. But is he trying to say the rumors are true?!

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Being that Cate and Farrah aren't exactly besties leads us to believe that he doesn't have any more insight into this situation than we do, so we wouldn't take his words as proof that the cheating actually did happen. But we are surprised that Simon is being so supportive. We didn't know he had it in him.

Hopefully whatever is going on between Ty and Cate gets resolved soon, and everything can go back to normal. Those two are so in love that we couldn't imagine them ever breaking up. We'll eat our words if the rumors turn out to be true, but for now, we're on team Tyler and Cate.

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