'Bachelorette' Jillian Harris Opens Up About Quitting Breastfeeding

jillian harris and baby

Breast isn't always best ... not when it interferes with the bond a mom has with her baby. Still, there's a lot of stigma out there about bottle-feeding, which is why Jillian Harris is speaking out about her decision to quit breastfeeding.


The former Bachelorette star opened up to Us Weekly about how motherhood is going with her son Leo, 6 months, and she wasn't afraid to be honest about deciding to forgo the boob juice for formula. She shared, "People used to say 'breast is best,' and now they're saying, 'fed is best.'"

She explained, "I'm not breastfeeding anymore, which is so sad, but it does make life a lot easier. It's controversial, as you know."

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Isn't it sad that the decision over how to feed your infant is controversial? It's obvious that Jillian, like so many other moms, really struggled over the very personal decision on how to feed her own child. She said that she exclusively breastfed for five months, but it eventually became so stressful that her fiancé Justin Pasutto encouraged her to switch to formula.

The 37-year-old mama revealed that she had no problem with supply at first. She said that she read the blogs, took the supplements, and even had her placenta encapsulated. "I was so proud that I had that much milk," she bragged. "My milk supply in the first two months was just abundant."

As it often does, life happened and Jillian got busy with work. While hosting Love It or List It Vancouver, she started stressing big-time about pumping enough. And of course the stress didn't help her dwindling supply. It became impossible to pump every two hours with her busy schedule, and the anxiety was starting to get the best of her. "I was beating myself up over the fact that I should be trying harder," she confessed.

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It was Justin who finally convinced her to let it go and embrace what worked for her family. Jillian shared, "I was always stressed and I was always saying to Justin, 'I have to pump, I have to pump. Nothing is coming out! I've got to go! Now I'm late! Now the baby is crying!' Justin eventually was like, 'Babe, maybe we should just go straight to formula.'"

Switching from breast to bottle was absolutely the right decision for Jillian and Leo, but that doesn't mean the mom guilt has subsided yet. She confessed, "I still struggle with it. I have to hand it to moms who breastfeed for two years and have multiple kids."

We have to hand it to Jillian, for being so refreshingly honest about her decision to switch to formula. There's no wrong answer in how to feed your baby -- there's only what works for you.

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