Farrah Abraham's Mom Has a Rap Video -- We've Officially Seen It All Now


This is the best worst thing you'll see today. Trust us on this. Debra Danielsen just released her own rap video, and we cannot look away. All we have to say is that it's even more of a train wreck than her daughter Farrah Abraham's single "Blowin'" was in 2014.


The Teen Mom OG grandma debuted her rap single on the live aftershow this week on MTV, and even though we've watched it roughly 87 times already, each viewing is as cringeworthy as the last.

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Some lyrically gems include, "Oh, hell, we've been kicked out of much better places than this," and "It's Debz OG. Bet you think you know me ... Allow me to reintroduce myself. Hello, I'm Debra."

It's Debz OG, you guys.

It's not just us either. Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra were there for the live aftershow, and pretty much summed up all our feelings with this selfie.

Other fans let their thoughts be known as well.

We almost feel bad for Deb, but then again, no one forced her to put this out into the world.

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