Nick Viall's Huge Mistake Could Wind Up Costing Him Everything

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi

Do you ever watch The Bachelor and wish you could scream at the TV and tell Nick Viall what to do? That's exactly what happened to us on Monday night when Nick was going on his final dates before hometowns. He made a major mistake after one of his front-runners confessed her feelings to him, to the point where we wonder if he has any clue what he's doing.


We've been obsessed with Nick and Vanessa as a couple since their zero gravity date earlier this season. What says true love more than wanting to kiss someone even after they puked?! And even though Nick has been pretty hesitant to share his true feelings so far, we thought for sure he'd make a love confession to Vanessa when she admitted she was falling for him. But then he didn't. 

The secondhand heartbreak watching Vanessa's face deflate when Nick didn't return her feelings was awful, but the worst part? We have a feeling Nick really does feel the same way, even though he's so obviously holding back so he doesn't get rejected on national television again. 

But he shouldn't be too careful with his heart, or Vanessa will slip right through his fingers. Bottom line: When an amazing women like Vanessa says she loves you, you say it back! 

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And to be fair, it's not like Nick is being more open with the other women than Vanessa anyway, so this may just be how he's choosing to play the game. But he's getting down to the wire now, since fantasy suite dates are right around the corner. This dude's going to have to make a decision, and it seems so obvious that Vanessa is perfect for him. 

Don't let this one go, Nick. You'll regret it forever! 

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