Nathan Griffith Practically Admits He Isn't Over Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser

There was some serious relationship drama this week on Teen Mom 2 -- not that we'd really expect anything less. Kailyn Lowry had some ex trouble we never saw coming, and Nathan Griffith may have admitted that he wants Jenelle Evans back. Um, yeah, we're not quite sure what to make of Nate's confession either.


Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer learned the sex of her unborn baby this week, but kept it on the DL from the MTV crew. She warned her friends not to let it slip as they all headed off for her bachelorette party, but of course someone mentioned putting the baby in suspenders and the boy news was basically out of the bag.

Speaking of her bachelorette party, Chels had a mom scare when her 7-year-old daughter Aubree walked into the room after she and a friend had just unpacked an anatomically correct life-size blow-up doll ... complete with exaggerated male parts. Cover your eyes, Aubs, cover your eyes!

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Kailyn Lowry has been getting along better than ever with Isaac's dad Jo Rivera recently, but that might all come crashing to a halt soon. After Kail asked Jo to care for Isaac even more during the week while she attended night classes, his girlfriend Vee Torres said maybe they should change their custody arrangement to reflect the amount of time he's spending with his son.

Jo said that he wasn't willing to rock the boat, but Vee said that she was worried their life revolved around Kail and what she wanted. We couldn't help but feel for her, especially when she said she was worried that her daughter with Jo would be second place. Hopefully Jo makes sure that he's prioritizing both of his kids.

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Leah Messer got both good and scary news on the health front regarding her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Grace. Ali suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, but she's shown a lot of improvement lately. The doc explained that it was because her brain and her motor skills were beginning to compensate for her lack of physical abilities.

However, the doc also suggested that she and Corey Simms have Aleeah tested for the disease too, something they already thought they'd done. Apparently not. Although Aleeah hasn't shown any symptoms, it's still scary to think about her possibly having it too!

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Jenelle Evans went through a very bitter and complicated breakup with Nathan Griffith a couple of years ago, but apparently he's never gotten over it. Jenelle told her boyfriend David Eason that Nate had told a mutual friend that he thought they'd get back together someday, which prompted Dave to text him and let him know that he sounded "desperate."

MTV producers caught up with Kaiser's dad, who totally admitted that he was "jealous and bitter" that things were going so well with Jenelle and David, and that he'd always thought they'd eventually get back together again.

Although, he also admitted that now that Jenelle was pregnant, he wouldn't be with her "in a million years." Keep telling yourself that, Nate. 

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