Catelynn Baltierra Pregnancy Rumors Are Back With a Bang

Catelynn Baltierra

There's no question about it: Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra make gorgeous babies. But is it time for them to have another one? After all, last season on Teen Mom OG, they sure did bring it up a lot. These days, fans think Catelynn could be expecting again, and we can't help but be curious about what the truth is. So is Catelynn pregnant or not?


The verdict is in: Tyler and Catelynn aren't expecting -- for now, anyway. On Saturday, Catelynn took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the subject, and she posted a meme that makes the truth pretty clear. Not only is she not pregnant right now, but it's probably going to be a while until she is. 

For real tho �#someday #notyet

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And honestly, can you blame her for feeling that way?! Nova is adorable, but she's a toddler, and we don't doubt she keeps her mom very busy! Plus, after all Cate has been through over the past year, like her stay in rehab for anxiety and depression, we wouldn't be surprised if she wants to take some time to focus on herself before welcoming another little one into the world. 

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If you were hoping for another mini-Catelynn, it's not all bad news! It seems like Nova won't always be an only child. On Teen Mom OG last season, Cate and Tyler were open about the fact that they plan to have more kiddos, the only question is when.

We're glad to see that Cate isn't letting the pressure of people who want her to have another baby get to her. This is her decision to make, and obviously, her health and happiness are what's most important here.

But when she does decide to have another? We're going to be so excited, and we have a feeling Nova will be too. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this precious family! 

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