Jo Rivera May Be Adding to Kailyn Lowry's Custody Woes

Jo Rivera and Vee Torres

After Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's divorce, there's been nothing but drama on Teen Mom 2, especially after this week's episode when those two fought in front of their kids. So could this be the push that makes Jo Rivera file for 50/50 custody of Isaac? It seems like Jo's fiancée Vee Torres thinks it should. 


In a new clip from next week's episode, Jo and Vee are talking about how his co-parenting relationship with Kail has stayed solid, even though Javi's home from his deployment -- and if you're a fan, you know this definitely hasn't always been the case. And because of that, Vee decides to bring up the million dollar question: Is it finally time for Jo to fight for equal custody? 

According to Jo, no -- at least, not yet. From Vee's point of view, Jo deserves to have more custody, since Kail is always having Jo watch Isaac while she's out of town, but it sounds like Jo doesn't want to rock the boat. 

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Even though we get what Jo is saying, we understand Vee's point of view, too. His relationship with Kail might be good now, but what if it's not in the future? Custody battles are messy, and it might be for the best if their arrangement was made legal.

Either way, we're really glad to see that Kail, Jo, and Vee are all getting along ... even though it wasn't always that way. Hopefully, their relationship will only continue to improve. It's pretty clear Isaac loves everyone being friends!  

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