Leah Messer Faces Another Devastating Health Scare

Leah Messer

Since she welcomed her twin girls into the world, we've seen Leah Messer struggle with raising a daughter who has muscular dystrophy (MD) ... along with two other little ones. But in a new clip from next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, it sounds like Leah has to get Aleeah Grace tested for MD, too, and it's obviously a stressful time for this mama! 


In the clip, Leah calls her friend Kylie to give her an update on Ali after getting back from one of her doctor's appointments. The good news? Ali is doing well, and she's even getting stronger. The bad news? The doctor wants Aleeah Grace (or Gracie) tested to find out if she has the same disorder. 

Fortunately, it doesn't seem like Gracie's actually exhibiting any symptoms of MD. As Leah tells it, the testing is because both she and Corey carry the gene. So for now, it doesn't sound like there's any reason to worry about Ali's twin.

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But poor Leah does seem pretty concerned, and why wouldn't she be? She's had to deal with a lot of tough stuff at a very young age -- two divorces, raising three super-active, super-spunky kids as a single mom, Ali's MD. She's been doing awesome lately, and we only want that to continue for her.

We just hope that everything is okay with Gracie! It's heartbreaking enough that Leah has one child suffering from this disease. Fingers crossed her family stays happy and healthy! 

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