Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her Already Slimmed-Down Belly on Snapchat

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser

Jenelle Evans might have just had her third baby, but she's already getting back on that workout train! Before her pregnancy, Jenelle used to always share her post-workout selfies, and it looks like she's ready to get back in the game. Jenelle posted a topless pic on Snapchat, and she's already slimming down nicely.


She's looking pretty good for someone who was pregnant just last month! We're impressed! 

Jenelle Evans/Snapchat

Since fitness and health used to be such a huge part of Jenelle's life, we're not surprised that she seems to be getting back into it now that she's no longer carrying Ensley. Getting workouts done with a newborn has to be incredibly difficult (especially with how exhausted she must be), but we don't doubt Jenelle is up for the challenge.

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And so far, it seems like she is really loving life as a mother of three. Her Instagram has been filled with nothing but photos of her very first daughter, and we can't wait to see more as Ensley grows. Ensley is already Jace's twin, and we want to find out if she looks even more like him the older she gets! 

Way to go, Jenelle! Now, if she'd only share her secrets with us, we'd be all set. 

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