Nick Viall's Defense of Corinne Olympios Is All Kinds of Suspicious


We never thought we'd say it, but it's looking more and more like Nick Viall will propose to Corinne Olympios before this season of The Bachelor is out. There are only six women left, and after a round of media interviews this week, it's clear that Nick doesn't care a bit about her being the latest "villain" on the show.


Corinne made our eyebrows arch from the very first episode, when she bragged about having a nanny who cut her cucumbers for her snack time. She's also used some pretty underhanded tactics to get Nick's attention -- from interrupting his chats with the other women to straddling him in a bounce house to bringing a can of whipped cream for an impromptu playtime.

When asked about the controversial contestant during a recent interview, Nick told Build Series, "I say there's two people in this world: people who love Corinne, and people who pretend to hate her."

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He also teased that Corinne may end up being the one who "saves the season," which could mean any number of things. After all, Nick looked like he was pretty much losing it on this week's episode, when he sent three women home during dates. He also confronted the six remaining women at the end, and confessed his fears that he still wasn't going to find The One this time. 

Nick explained his thoughts on Corinne saving the season, teling Build Series, "This season has proven that anything is possible. I guess we'll have to first see what transpires for me walking out and if I pick myself back up. I mean, I know what happens, but I can't give it away. We'll have to see. But I think the intensity doesn't die down anytime soon."

He also addressed Corinne's villain status, and as it turns out -- he doesn't seem to care. Not surprising, considering that he was considered a villain in past seasons of The Bachelorette. Anyway, Nick said that he believes that the term villain "can simply be a label given to someone who doesn't conform."

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"There are these unwritten rules in Bachelor Nation," He continued. "I never follow those rules. You don't see Corinne, and quite honestly you don't see other people always following the rules, either. But, personally for me, if you are truly genuine about making real connections, then you don't worry about silly things like unwritten rules or how you might come across to Bachelor Nation or if you're going to rub someone the wrong way. If you're truly genuine, you are going for it."

Sounds like he's defending her an awful lot ... could it be because he ends up picking her to propose to? We'll have to keep watching to find out, but at this point, nothing would surprise us.

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