Barbara Evans Throws David Eason Under the Bus After Ensley's Arrival


It's been about two weeks since Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer and Jenelle Evans both welcomed new babies into the world, and you know what that means. The live aftershow for Teen Mom 2 turned into an impromptu baby shower last night on MTV.


Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry were in-house along with host Nessa, and were joined via video chat by Chelsea's dad, Randy Houska, and Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans. Chels gave birth to Watson Cole January 25, and Jenelle welcomed Ensley Jolie just one day earlier.

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Randy said that Chelsea is still in recovery from the birth, which happened during a blizzard. She's also got a major help this time in her hubby Cole, whom Randy described as a "natural dad." He's had lots of practice in the fatherhood department thanks to stepdaughter Aubree (Chelsea's daughter with ex Adam Lind), but newborns are a category unto themselves.

Everything looked good in Chelsea's world, but Jenelle's didn't seem to be without its share of drama. The aftershow followed the episode in which Jenelle announced her pregnancy via social media -- without telling her mom first.

Babs seemed like she had buried the hatchet about that, and gushed about how Ensley looks just like Jace, and therefore just like her. "It's uncanny," she shared at the aftershow. "All my grandchildren resemble the strong genes ... of me!"

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Things might not be all they're cracked up to be though, as Barbara shared that David Eason kicked her out of the delivery room, and she also dropped some hints that there may be more baby daddy drama than we know.

Jenelle defended herself on Twitter after the show aired, so it's hard to know exactly what went down on Ensley's birthday. According to the mom of three, Babs just likes to create drama.

Here's to hoping that these two can work out their differences soon. We're sure the kids would all appreciate it if Jenelle and Babs weren't always snipping at each other. 

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