Lauren Bushnell's Cryptic Instagram Post Makes Us Think There's Trouble in Paradise


It seems like rumors between a possible breakup between Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins have been everywhere, and now, we have one more reason to believe it could be happening. Lauren hinted at trouble in an Instagram caption, and it has us a little worried! 


She shared a cute couple-y photo of her and Ben from a professional shoot. The pic is gorgeous, as per usual, but the caption? "We ain't perfect but we tryin'"? That doesn't sound good to us.

We ain't perfect but we tryin ð�¤ï¿½ð��� ð��¸ @valoriedarling

A photo posted by Lauren Bushnell (@laurenbushnell) on

Of course, that could mean literally anything -- it could just mean that even though they're pretty reality stars, they don't have it all together, but they're still in love. Or it could mean that they're actually struggling through issues -- issues that we already know existed after watching Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After. Hmm ... 

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Both halves of the most recent Bachelor couple have been quick to refuse any reports that say they're splitting. But just last week, Lauren went on vacation for her birthday without her fiancé, which doesn't look good to us. And now this? 

We hope these two will make it in the long run, and hopefully, if they are dealing with trouble, they're able to get through it in one piece. We're not ready for another heartbreak from this show! 

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