Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Season Is Totally Falling Apart at the Seams


It's crazy to think that there are only six women remaining on The Bachelor this season -- didn't it premiere, like, yesterday?! But there could be way less than that soon if Monday's episode was any indication. The women were so upset on The Bachelor, and it looks like more tears are coming. What's the deal?! 


There were a lot of eliminations in this episode, and some were pretty shocking -- and so was the drama that came with it. First off, Taylor coming back to get the last word about her fight with Corinne -- did she really think that was going to help? And somehow, Nick is still totally convinced she's not trying to manipulate him. Um, is he living the same show we're watching?! 

And then there was Jasmine. Poor, poor Jasmine. Can you blame her for freaking out that Nick has barely even looked at her all season? Like she said, she doesn't need him for free trips, she needs him for a potential lasting relationship, and now, she's off the show -- which is a bummer, because her rant was actually really entertaining.

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And then can we talk about the fact that the two-on-one date ended with both women going home? Whitney's elimination was totally predictable, since she's barely gotten any screentime, but we didn't see Danielle L. going home at all. She was so heartbroken!

By the end of the episode, basically everyone was crying -- Nick included. More than ever, it seems like there's a chance our guy is going to end up single again, which we definitely don't want to happen. He has so many amazing women to choose from, if he doesn't piss them off first. 

The promo for next week's installment makes it seem like even more tears are on the way, and at this point, we're a bit concerned there won't even be a final rose ceremony because by then, no one will even want the roses. Guess we'll have to see how next week goes! 

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