Kailyn Lowry Gets Real About When She's Quitting 'Teen Mom 2'


After all the claims the cast members have made about MTV's editing over the past year, we've had a feeling that one of the Teen Mom 2 stars could end up leaving the show, but is it already happening?!  Kailyn Lowry is saying haters could cause her to quit the show, and it sounds like the end could definitely be near for her.


In a new blog post on her website called "Dearest Haters," Kail explained that there is a lot that people don't see of her life on the show, so they shouldn't bash her for what they do see. After listing off her responses to all of the things people call her out for online, she addressed the idea of quitting the show. 

Kail wrote: 

Why don't I quit the show? The burning question. Because it's my job. It's what supports my family. It's what gives me income until I finish school. Do I think my time on the show is coming to an end? Yes. But until that time, I have to be on the show because it's my job and what pays my bills and gives me a house for my boys.

True! Teen Mom 2 is a job, even if it's a little different than more traditional ones. She should be able to be open about her life without receiving so much hate, especially since it's clear she's just trying to do the best she can for her kids.

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Kail also tried to drive the point home that the hate needs to stop at the end of her post, before sharing some of her favorite positive comments she's received from fans. She added: 

You really don't know me. You aren't with me 24/7. You have no idea what I go through and deal with on a day to day basis so please don't judge me. I'm sure many of you would be really surprised if you knew all everything and I am sure all of those things will come out in time.

This mom is speaking the truth. Hopefully, she sees way less haters after this post. Now that she's a single mom to two boys, she needs all the energy she can get without devoting any to the people who want to bring her down! 

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