Wells Adams Gets Real About the Possibility of America's First Black 'Bachelorette'

Wells Adams

We love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but this show has had a big diversity issue that we can no longer ignore. And now, a certain former contestant is voicing his opinion on the matter. Wells Adams doesn't think America would "embrace" a black Bachelorette, but we think he's wrong! 


You probably remember Wells from the last season of The Bachelorette and last summer's Bachelor in Paradise. Although he didn't find love on either show, he seems to have found plenty of friendships in his former cast mates -- and he's still keeping up with the show now. Recently he weighed in on whether or not Rachel Lindsay would be chosen as the next Bachelorette, and he doesn't think it will happen.

While on former contestant Vinny Ventiera's podcast, Wells addressed the fact that America might not be ready for the first black Bachelorette, and it all has something to do with the debacle that occured before the 2016 season. 

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Wells pointed out that last year, it seemed Caila Quinn -- who is half Filipina -- was going to be the Bachelorette last season, and then JoJo Fletcher was picked instead. (It's interesting to note, though, that JoJo is half Persian.)

According to Us Weekly, Wells said: 

I think the franchise wants to so badly break out of its cookie-cutter, white-person shell, but I don't think that America will embrace it, sadly enough. And I think what they're going to do is it will be misdirection. I think it's going to be ... Rachel, and then at the last second, they'll have Corinne. 

As entertaining a Bachelorette as Corinne would be (could you imagine?!), we disagree. We've absolutely fallen in love with Rachel this season and would love to see where her journey as Bachelorette would take her -- if she doesn't end up with Nick, anyway. And isn't it about time that The Bachelor introduced a little diversity? It's 2017, guys! 

We have a while to go before that decision is revealed, but we're looking forward to it. Fingers crossed this is the year ABC decides to shake things up! 

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