Adam Lind Is About to Be in Big Trouble With the Law Again


Another day, another dollar Adam Lind is behind in child support. Despite being put in jail last year over his refusal to pay his court-ordered amount of support, the Teen Mom 2 star is still reportedly thousands behind in his payments.


A source told Radar Online this week that Adam is currently way behind on payments to Taylor Halbur, with whom he shares 3-year-old Paislee. "Come February he's going to be $7,000 behind for Taylor," the insider revealed, continuing, "Child support took a little over $2,000 from him ... but she hasn't gotten the money yet in case he disputes it."

Apparently, Lind "never willingly pays" what he's supposed to. No word on the amount he owes Chelsea Houska, the mother of his adorable 7-year-old Aubree, but she does have a court date over the issue later this month.

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The worst part seems to be that Adam isn't exactly too broke to support his daughters, so it looks like he's doing it purely out of spite. "It's crap that he can spend money on cars and car parts, but he is not willingly spending money on his children," the source told Radar. "He always puts himself first .... he's an idiot and thinks that the amount isn't fair."

Or maybe he's just gotten so comfortable in jail after his dozens of arrests that he wants to make it his permanent residence? We don't know how much he's getting paid by MTV for continuing to make appearances on Teen Mom 2, but it's got to be enough to make it worth his while, and you'd think that would include budgeting in child support.

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Court documents reveal that Adam has to pay $945 per month to Houska and $1,203 per month to Halbur, and cover health insurance for the girls. If Adam has a problem with that amount, he's going to have to take it up with a judge -- until then, he's got to pay it.

Especially if he's going to go around bragging about what a great dad he is, and how it's only MTV editing that makes him look like a deadbeat.

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