Corinne Olympios's Ex-Boyfriend Spills the Beans on What She's Really Like


Lover her or hate her, you can't deny that this girl is the talk of Bachelor Nation right now. Now Corinne Olympios's ex-boyfriend has revealed what she's really like off-camera, and we can't say that we're really all that surprised.


Corinne was identified early on as the villain this season, and for good reason. She nabbed a kiss with Nick Viall on the first night. She took her top off on the first group date. She tried to seduce him both with a can of whipped cream and by straddling him in a bounce house. The girl goes the extra mile. 

According to a former fling, Keith Berman, that's just Corinne for ya! Berman claims that he and Corinne hooked up a few times about two years ago, and have stayed friendly since then. He told Us Weekly that he wasn't surprised in the least when he heard she'd be on the show. "It's right up her alley," he explained. "She's got a great personality for it. I was pumped that she was on it. I knew she would kill it, honestly."

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He also said that Corinne is playing up her personality, and is an "exaggerated representation" of herself on the show. He said, "She's a very good-looking girl, and she's just aggressive. She's very aggressive, and when you're that good-looking of a girl, and you're aggressive, most guys aren't going to turn -- who's going to turn a girl that looks like that down?"

Yeah, that's basically what we've been thinking about her so far. Berman added, "She knows how to play up her sexiness. Nick is into it, and she knows."

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Anyone who's watched the show knows that Corinne is so out there that she hardly seems real. But she does play up that sexy, fun side with Nick, and it's not like he's seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff that we're privy to each week.

Still -- he knows she has a nanny that cuts her cucumbers up for her snack time every day. Then again, she's so hot and aggressive with her sexuality, Nick isn't exactly complaining.

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