Mackenzie Douthit's Explanation for Latest Controversy Is Heartbreaking


This is one of the strangest Teen Mom controversies we've come across. Mackenzie Douthit let her son Gannon kiss a dead puppy, and then posted about it on Snapchat. It sounds all kinds of creepy, but actually it's pretty sad and touching once you know the whole story.


The Teen Mom 3 star's dog Mia finally gave birth to puppies this week, and sadly, it looks like one of the little furballs didn't make it. Mack took to social media to update her fans, telling them on Snapchat that of the two puppies in the litter, one made it and one didn't.

She posted a snap of her 5-year-old son snuggling and kissing the lifeless pooch, and also said, "Gannon is having a hard time saying goodbye to the puppy that didn't make it." And then the Internet went nuts because only a wacko would let their child touch a dead animal, right?

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After Mackenzie got bashed for letting her son cuddle and kiss a dead dog, she went back to Snapchat with a series of videos and explained the circumstances. She said that after the vet delivered the two puppies, he told them that one of them likely wouldn't make it, but to take it home, and try to "rough it up" a little to get its heart beating strongly.

Mack said they got a little too hopeful for the pooch, and ended up trying for five hours to revive it. Eventually, it was clear that the pup wasn't going to make it, and Mackenzie explained that while it was still warm, and not stiff, her 5-year-old son wanted to hold it.

That's when she opened up about miscarrying a baby at 14 weeks. She said that she doesn't talk about it often, but she and Josh McKee lost a child at 14 weeks in her pregnancy, and she delivered the baby naturally. She said that the little one had 10 fingers and 10 toes, and the doctor whisked it away, never to be seen again, which meant she never got any sort of closure about it.

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Mackenzie explained that she wanted Gannon to have closure about the puppy's death, and after it passed, they even had a little funeral for it and buried it properly.

The whole situation is just sad, and it sounds like Mackenzie did the best thing she could do as a mama trying to explain death to a 5-year-old. Gannon was obviously attached to the little cutie after hours of trying to revive it, and let's face it -- death is a hard concept at any age, let alone 5.

Mackenzie did the best she could dealing with the death of a pet. She doesn't deserve any hate for letting her son have closure.

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