Jenelle Evans Takes Heat for Her Plans to Shed Her Baby Weight

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans may have only given birth to her first daughter, Ensley, a week ago, but she's already gearing up to shed that baby weight! On Tuesday, Jenelle announced that she's already trying to get her flat tummy back, even though she was still pregnant just a few days ago! 


The Teen Mom 2 star's announcement came in the form of an Instagram post, plugging the Flat Tummy Tea that frequently appears on her account. According to her caption, she's already drinking the tea again in the hopes of getting her abs back as quickly as possible, and as you can imagine, her fans already have a lot to say about her plans.

The comments on the photo are filled with criticism -- and lots of people are calling Jenelle out for taking it if she's breastfeeding, since the tea's website points out that it shouldn't be taken by nursing moms. Uh-oh. 

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Of course, we don't know if Jenelle is actually drinking the tea -- she could just be advertising it per the terms of her agreement with the company. Either way, Jenelle can make the best decision for her and her baby's health. After all, she's done this before! 

We just hope she doesn't feel too much pressure to get that post-baby body back right away. Pregnancy isn't easy, and neither is having a newborn. She should take all the time she needs! 

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