'The Bachelor's' 2-on-1 Date Was Just as Dramatic as We Hoped

Rick Rowell/ABC

Almost every single season of The Bachelor, there comes a time when two contestants become bitter rivals, and that almost always leads to a two-on-one date that ends in one of them going home. On Monday night's episode, Nick was forced to choose between Taylor and Corinne, and it was not pretty.


Most of the episode was taken up by Nick's cute but uneventful first one-on-one with Rachel, and a group date in a haunted house. But then, it was game time, and Corinne and Taylor were pitted against each other for the final time. And if you've been watching this season, you already know there was no chance this was going to go over drama free.

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And the way the date started out -- in a creepy, slimy swamp -- had to be the most foretelling that a disaster was about to happen ever on this show. Then, their awkward conversation with the fortune teller was even worse ... until it was time for Nick to have his private chats with each woman individually. How is it possible that he could still be so blind to Corinne's schemes?! We can all see what she's doing -- including Taylor.

And speaking of Taylor? During Nick's time with her, he basically told her off for bullying Corinne, and if you've been watching all along, you know that couldn't be further from what's happening here. Taylor was pissed, and we can't blame her. We would be too! 

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It was easy to see it coming when Corinne ended up with the rose and Taylor had to get sent home. It was probably the wrong choice for Nick, but it was definitely the right choice for us, because it means we get to be entertained by her antics for at least another week!

But the drama between them isn't over yet, and it looks like The Bachelor is saving it for next Monday when Taylor comes back to call Nick out for his decision. We can't wait to find out what happens! 

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