Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin's Major Fight Puts Isaac in the Middle


Not that we'd expect anything less at this point, but it was drama central this week on Teen Mom 2. More than one star refused to film with MTV, someone continued to lie about her pregnancy, a wedding was pushed back, and of course custody issues abounded.


Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have been so excited about their pregnancy that their wedding plans have sort of gotten pushed to the side. Chels was adamant that they tie the knot as planned in the fall, but she wanted to save the big wedding party for next year.

Cole totally agreed, showing us once again that he's pretty much perfect. When they told Chelsea's dad Randy, he was totally on their side as well, and thought they should do their wedding the way they wanted, regardless of what anyone thought.

Meanwhile, Adam Lind was confronted by an MTV producer for being such a jerk last week, when he drove off and ditched them after agreeing to film with Aubs. He actually told them to F-off, showing us once again that he's pretty much a douche.

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Leah Messer was worried that Ali and Aleeah Grace might not start school when they were scheduled due to the devastating floods in her home state of West Virginia. Since the girls' school was closed for the start of the year, they had two options -- go with their classmates to another campus until repairs could be made, or start at the school closer to Leah's house.

Corey Simms did not seem excited about the twins moving to a new school in Leah's district, and Leah decided not to push the issue in order to preserve the peace. Good for them finding the best solution for all of them -- Corey pointed out that it was beneficial to keep the girls with the same group of friends through elementary school.

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason finally admitted the truth about their pregnancy to producers, but still refused to let anyone else in on it, including her mom Barbara. They did let Babs come with them to see the new land they purchased, however, and when asked why they wanted to live in the middle of nowhere, Jenelle said she wanted the privacy.

Later, Barbara told a friend that she was sure Jenelle was pregnant, which wasn't surprising, since Jenelle had a skintight dress on that showed off her fairly considerable baby bump. Why not just be up front with her mom about it? We may never fully appreciate the mysteries of that relationship.

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Adam Lind wasn't the only star who refused to let the MTV cameras in ... Kailyn Lowry also decided that she couldn't film for the day, after a huge fight with Javi Marroquin. It was hard to piece together exactly what happened, but it seems like her soon-to-be-ex-husband stopped by the house unannounced, and she had a guy over.

Javi wasn't happy about some random guy in his family home (he hadn't technically moved out yet), and wanted to take Lincoln and Isaac. He ended up taking Lincoln, but it seems like Kail wouldn't let him have Isaac, whose biological dad is Jo Rivera. So Kail called Jo to come pick up Isaac to have him for the week while Javi officially moves out, and the poor kiddo broke our hearts when he was crying that his mom and stepdad were hurting his feelings, and he just wanted them all to live together and be happy.

Here's to hoping they get their stuff figured out ASAP -- there are kids in the mix who are obviously suffering.

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