Kailyn Lowry Reignites an Old Feud With Farrah Abraham


There's always a fair amount of drama surrounding the girls on Teen Mom, but it looks like Kailyn Lowry just reignited an old feud with Farrah Abraham. After someone compared Kailyn to her frenemy Farrah, Kail blasted back that she was nothing like Farrah, you know, because she'd never do an adult film.


Kail's been having a rough time so far on this season of Teen Mom 2, dealing with her divorce from Javi Marroquin at the same time as his return from an overseas deployment for the air force. She's been just a wee bit hostile toward her ex-husband, prompting at least one fan to make an unflattering comparison to her Teen Mom OG colleague Farrah.

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Someone tweeted to Kail, "I could have sworn you were Farrah the other day on teen mom your sooooooo mean." Kailyn's response was snarky and kind of perfect. 

Also, even though Kail seems to be acting a little less than charitable toward Javi in recent episodes, Farrah has a long history of being bitchy to pretty much everyone in her life for no reason at all. 

Just a few weeks ago, Farrah slammed both Kailyn and Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer for getting pregnant with their second children for attention, because she was obviously trying to find someway to get herself into another headline.

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When Kail heard what Farrah said about her second son, she told the site Real Mr. Housewife, "The thing with Farrah is that she's so negative all the time. She never has anything nice to say about anybody on the cast." She continued that she would love to be able to support Farrah in all her endeavors, "But when she's constantly slamming me in the media and saying things that are so out of left field, it's hard to find and kind of good in her."

Plus she had to throw in the porn thing, because hey, it's Farrah, and she does star in Backdoor Teen Mom. "Farrah is out here doing pornos to stay relevant," Kail added as a counter to Farrah's insults.

It'll never get old, will it?

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