Ryan Edwards's Fiancée Had Some Major Drama in Her Last Marriage

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer

When you marry a Teen Mom star, you have to expect that your relationship could have some drama, but for Ryan Edwards's fiancée, it sounds like anything she could encounter with Bentley's dad would be a walk in the park. Mackenzie Standifer dealt with some awful stuff in her first marriage, and now, the truth about her past is coming out. 


According to documents from Mackenzie's divorce from Zachery Stephens earlier this year obtained by Radar Online, it sounds like what went on in their relationship could have been pretty scary. 

Here's what the papers said, according to Radar: 

Plaintiff charges that Defendant has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct toward Plaintiff as renders cohabitation unsafe and improper. Plaintiff charges that irreconcilable differences has arisen and exist between the parties. 

And whatever Mackenzie accused Zachery of must have held some merit, because a judge granted her primary custody of their son, Hudson, and these days her ex is paying $503 per month in child support. Yikes!

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Although Mackenzie and Ryan have been dating for months now, her divorce wasn't officially final until November. Now, she's already gearing up to tie the knot with Ryan, and even though it seems quick, we're going to trust that they're making the right decision. 

And after what Mackenzie's been through, she seriously deserves a happy, healthy relationship. We've seen some rough stuff from Ryan in the past, but we're hoping he's grown up enough to be a good husband to her -- and a great father figure to her little boy. Here's hoping it's smooth sailing from here! 

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