Nick Viall's Final 'Bachelor' Pick May Have Been Chosen for Him


It's not exactly a well-kept secret that producers on reality TV will influence situations to ensure good TV viewing. But how far are some of them willing to go? According to reports, Bachelor producers picked which ladies Nick Viall kept each week -- right up to his final pick!


The Hollywood Gossip reports that an inside source for the show divulged that Nick had such a difficult time choosing between the contestants that he relied on show producers to make the decisions for him. 

The source claimed, "Nick had such a hard time making decisions about the women that he literally had producers decide for him ... [They] would have private meetings with Nick before rose ceremonies ... to try and help him pick."

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It seems as though Nick was paralyzed over the potential public humiliation should he have another Andi Dorfman or Kaitlyn Bristowe situation on his hands. Apparently his emotions were "all over the place," and "he didn't know what to do."

And of course you know they were using the opportunity to drum up controversy for our viewing pleasure. The insider revealed, "They'd actually sway him into letting go of certain girls and keeping others just to spark controversy for the show."

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That actually goes a long way toward explaining Corinne Olympios, perhaps the most annoying villain in Bachelor history. It kind of makes us like Nick more if we believe that he only kept her around because he was persuaded by producers.

But then again, what woman wants a man who can't make up his mind whether he likes her enough to continue pursuing a relationship with her? We recently heard that Nick's final pick is having second thoughts ... we're sure this news isn't exactly going to be reassuring for her.

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