Jenelle Evans's Mom Barbara Has Some Serious Concerns About David Eason

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It's no secret that Jenelle Evans's mom has been critical of her past relationships, and her current beau seems to be no exception. In a sneak peek for an episode of Teen Mom 2, Barbara Evans worries that David Eason is too controlling of her daughter.


Although Jenelle gave birth their daughter Ensley this week, the show is still lagging several months behind, and she was still lying about being pregnant. But Babs told a friend that she believed baby number three was well on the way, and that she was concerned for Jenelle because of her new relationship with Eason.

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"I think she's pregnant," Babara said, explaining that Jenelle hadn't announced the news to her yet. "I think it has a lot to do with David. He has a lot of control over her. They just want to keep to themselves and he just wants to keep Jenelle to himself."


Given Jenelle's dating history, we can't blame Babs one bit for feeling apprehensive about her latest man. Besides, Jenelle and David hadn't been together that long by the time she got pregnant -- which is enough to make any mom worry about her daughter.

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Plus there was that whole incident last season when Eason called the cops on Barbara because she was yelling at Jenelle, and accusing David of keeping her locked away like a hostage. There's definitely been some bad blood between them!

Hopefully things have settled down and they're all getting along just fine, and celebrating Ensley's birth together. Jenelle and Barbara definitely deserve to have some peace in their relationship.

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