Chelsea DeBoer Is Facing Another Court Battle Just Days After Giving Birth


The drama never ends with Adam Lind. It looks like Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer and Adam will be back in court next month over custody issues with Aubree.


Although their date was probably set months ago, it's still bad timing, considering that Chelsea just gave birth to her second child this week. On Wednesday, she welcome her first son with hubby Cole DeBoer, Watson Cole. While she should be basking in the glow of new motherhood, she instead has to deal with Adam's latest attempt to try to get more custody of Aubree without doing anything to earn it.

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Adam and Chels have faced off many, many times regarding custody issues and child support, and no matter how many times Adam challenges her, the judge thankfully comes down on her side. We have no reason to think anything will be different this time around, but she seriously doesn't need to deal with this right now.

After all, Adam only has supervised visitation with his 7-year-old daughter, with his parents on court order to supervise. Chels has said that she doesn't feel safe when Aubs is with him, and that the supervised visitation gives her "peace of mind." In an interview with Radar Online, she added, "But it's scary. I don't know if he makes the best choices. It definitely is scary as a mom."

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Thankfully, Chels has on her side the fact that Adam was arrested last year for failing to pay child support for his other child, Paislee, whom he shares with Taylor Halbur. You'd think he'd know to keep up to date on all his support payments if he wanted to go for more custody, but then again, this is Adam, and thinking doesn't seem to be his strong suit.

Hopefully the courts side with Chels once again, and keep Adam's supervised visitation the way that it is. Maybe if he ever decides to step up to the plate they can revisit the issue, but so far, it just looks like more of the same unreasonable entitlement.

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