Jeremy Calvert Calls Out MTV for Making Him Look Like a Racist


Someone is seriously not happy with how MTV is editing footage this season. Jeremy Calvert blasted Teen Mom 2 again this week, and accused the network of some creative editing in order to make him look like the bad guy once more.


On the show this week, Leah Messer made a tentative decision to take her three daughters on summer vacation to Mexico, instead of Hawaii (where she had discussed going with her baby daddies). She gave Jeremy a call about it, and he seemed less than pleased.

Jer then called up Corey Simms, Leah's first ex-husband and the father of her twins Ali and Aleeah Grace, and asked if he was allowing his daughters to go south of the border. Corey had no idea that the plans had changed, and when Leah found out that Jeremy had contacted Corey, she got all kinds of upset that he was meddling in her business.

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According to Jeremy on Instagram, however, he was given false information by ... someone. It's unclear who, but Addie's dad indicated that Corey was in the know about the Mexico trip an entire week and a half before the phone call was recorded. If you watched the episode, you know that obviously wasn't the case.

Sry for the late update, after the show last night i was tired and passed out after it went off. So here ya go. Update #3

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Jeremy also seemed concerned that people thought he's a racist since he didn't want his ex-wife with traveling with his 3-year-old daughter to Mexico, but he said that racism had nothing to do with it.

He didn't really get into the reasons why he was uncomfortable with the proposed trip, but come one, can anyone blame him? He even mentioned on the show that while there are resorts that are safe in the country, it's still pretty dangerous traveling there.

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It really seemed like he was looking out for Addie's best interests ... if what's he's saying about MTV is true, it's sad to think they'd lie to him about Corey being in the know about a parenting decision. After all, there's so much drama going on over there without the network's help, why even go there?

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