From Pink to Blond & Beyond: Amber Portwood's Many Hair Colors

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Amber Portwood pink hair

Not everyone can pull off every hair color. One person who can, though? Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood. Our girl has tried so many different shades, it can be hard to keep up! So that's why we've done it for you. 

Take a look at Amber's evolving hair over the years, and see if anything strikes your fancy -- and gives you some #hairinspo of your very own.

And tell us: Which color do you think suits Amber best? 

  • Black Beauty


    It may be hard to remember it now, but there was a time when Amber Portwood sported long, straight, dark locks. And she looks pretty beautiful with this color and style, too. 

  • Pink Power


    About five months after the picture from the last slide, Amber emerged with pink highlights, writing on Twitter: "Dyed my hair booboo's favorite color and put my favorite color pink as the highlights....sending love everyone." 

  • Pretty in Purple


    By the next summer, Amber was rocking a full-on purple hue. We admire her boldness for sure.

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  • Red Wedding


    Later that summer, when Amber posted pics from Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra's wedding, her hair was looking a little more on the redder side, as evidenced in this shot of her and beau Matt Baier.

  • Something New


    "Time for something new," Amber writes in this caption from September 2015. Looks like she's got a soft honey-blonde thing going on. So pretty!

  • Committed


    By early the next year, Amber decided to make the commitment -- to full blonde, that is. And she slayed with it.

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  • Barbie Girl


    By that summer, Amber was stickin' with the blonde, and almost kind of looking even ... blonder? (And still looking amazing, obvi.)

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


    About that commitment thing ... looks like our girl got a little tired of the full-blonde thing and decided to switch things up a bit. "Love my new hair!" she wrote in this May 2016 caption. Hey, if you look good with every color, why not play around? We can't blame her.

  • Blonde Ambition


    By fall, Ambs is back to blonde! And channeling a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Dolly Parton with her style. Why can't we all look this good in different hair colors?! It's not fair.

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  • Blast From the Past


    By early 2017, Amber was remembering her roots ... or, well, she must have been remembering how much she liked having pink hair in the past, because she announced to her social media followers that no one was about to stop her from making the pink plunge again. "Hair is going PINK today!!!! You can't talk me out of it lol," she wrote.

  • Shades of Cool


    I am pink now...And I love it 💕

    A photo posted by Amber Leann Portwood (@realamberlportwood1__) on

    Amber surprised us all when she debuted this amazing shade of pink -- definitely different from the earlier pink highlights she'd rocked. How cute is this color? We wonder what she's going to try next.

  • Bonus!


    Okay, fine, this is an old pic from January 2015. But ... in a slideshow about Amber's hair, it didn't make sense not to include this sweet shot of her daughter Leah (or Booboo, as she's affectionately called) getting all tangled in her mama's long locks. Love!

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