Leah Messer Gets Honest & Real About the State of Her Love Life


She's completely turned her life around in the past couple of years, but does that include moving on with someone new? Leah Messer opened up about her love life this week, and what she had to say surprised us -- in a good way.


It looks like the Teen Mom 2 star is embracing the single life and not trying to force anything romantic. In a Twitter Q&A for the show, the twice-divorced mom of three said she's totally relying on God when it comes to entering her next romantic adventure.

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When asked about finding a new man, Leah responded, "I will never look for a man. Love will come in Gods timing." She responded similarly to another question, saying that a boyfriend will come "In Gods timing." She also said, "I'm living in the moment [with] my girls."

We pretty proud of how far Leah has come. While it would be great if Mr. Right were already there for her, it's a testament to her personal growth and maturity that she's not jumping into a relationship with someone just to be in a relationship.

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She has three gorgeous kids to concentrate on right now -- twins Ali and Aleeah Grace with ex Corey Simms, and Adalynn with Jeremy Calvert. As we've seen so far on this season of the show, she's pretty much got the co-parenting thing down with Corey, but has a ways to go with Jer.

We're sure Leah's forever love will come in time, but for now, she seems to be right where she is supposed to be -- concentrating on herself and her daughters. 

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