Chelsea DeBoer Hopes to Get 'Super Skinny' After Her Baby's Birth

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer might still be pregnant with baby number two, but she's already planning on what she wants to do after the baby comes! According to the Teen Mom 2 star herself, Chelsea wants to get skinny after she gives birth, and she's looking for the secret trick to get there. 


On Saturday, Chelsea took to Twitter that she needs to find out the secret to getting "super skinny" after she has her baby, because apparently, all her friends who have been pregnant recently seem to be losing all their baby weight (and then some) really fast. 

Some of her followers tried to pitch in with a few tips for the mom-of-two-to-be, sharing what has worked for them. Breastfeeding was a big one, and so was just the idea of working out and eating healthy. Some fans even criticized her for sending a bad message about post-baby bodies, but we say that Chelsea should do whatever makes her happiest! 

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She added: 

If this is some big conspiracy and the truth is out there, we want to know! How are these women doing it? Please, tell us your secrets! 

But honestly, all that matters at the end of the day is Chelsea's health and happiness -- and that her little one is healthy and happy, too. After seeing her raise Aubree, we don't doubt that she's going to be an amazing mom to her first son as well. We can't wait 'til he arrives so we can gush over the cute baby pics! 

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