Corinne Olympios Just Took Her Villain Status to a Whole New Level


Now that The Bachelor has given us four episodes of Nick Viall's season, we think it's official: Corinne Olympios has to be the worst Bachelor villain ever. We know, we know -- there have been a lot them over more than 20 seasons. But Corinne is just different, somehow, and we're a little nervous about what she's going to do next in the pursuit of Nick's heart! 


So far this season, we've seen Corinne strip down with whipped cream in hand, corner Nick in a bouncy house, and steal that coveted first kiss of the season. All that, plus the fact that she's a 24-year-old adult with a nanny who keeps reminding us that she "runs a multimillion dollar company"?! It's pretty easy to see why she's quickly become the contestant that Bachelor fans love to hate this season. 

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And then, on Monday night's episode, Corinne turned into the biggest whiner ever. She hated every single second of that farm date, and let everybody know about it. And instead of getting mad at Corinne for being a bad sport, Nick was quick to comfort her, which clearly shows he's eating out of the palm of her hand.

But the fact that Corinne could be the worst villain ever has less to do with how ruthless she is in scoring extra time with Nick and more to do with the way she treats the other women. It's pretty clear she thinks she's above them, and that's not cool. 

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Not only has she taken every opportunity to interrupt the other women when they're trying to have conversations with Nick, but she also enjoys cutting them down. And don't even get us started on her argument with Taylor, which will be continued in next week's ep. We don't know how the other women deal with her! 

If Corinne is going to stick around for the long haul though, we hope we see her start playing nice. Now that the women are united against her, it's not going to be easy for her in that mansion from here on out. 

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But as much of a villain as Corinne clearly is, we have to admit we're incredibly intrigued by her ... and dying to know what she'll do next. If there's one good thing we can say about Corinne, it's this: She knows how to keep things interesting! 

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