14 TV Shows Both You & Your Kids Will Want to Binge-Watch Together

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Jan 27, 2017 TV
14 TV Shows Both You & Your Kids Will Want to Binge-Watch Together
Image: Joe Lederer/Netflix

Joe Lederer/Netflix
As parents, we know we're supposed to be limiting the amount of TV our kids watch -- but let's face it, they're still gonna watch TV (and, also let's face it, so are you!). The good news is, there are plenty of shows out there that appeal to both parents and children. Even better: They qualify as the kind of high-quality entertainment that can turn vegging out in front of a screen with your kids into legit bonding time.

Whether you're looking to laugh at the frustrations of everyday family life, escape into another dimension, or maybe find a way to start a tough conversation about a touchy subject, there's a TV show out there that can help -- from series you loved when you were growing up to brand-new offerings for the next generation. 

  • Fresh Off the Boat


    Based on the book of the same name, Fresh Off the Boat is a much-needed and totally hilarious portrayal of one Asian-American family's experiences in '90s Florida. Culture shock is comedy gold (as are puberty, sibling rivalry, and a live-in grandma), and Constance Wu gives us serious #momgoals. 

    Watch on ABC or Hulu.

  • Stranger Things


    Already a bona fide pop culture phenomenon, the Netflix original series that gave us such instantly beloved characters as the Eggo-loving Eleven and long-suffering Barb is an all-ages thrill ride: There's plenty of nostalgia for Gen X parents (Winona Ryder, yay!), and it's not too dark or scary for bigger kids -- though you might want to wait until your kindergartner goes to bed.

    Watch on Netflix.

  • black-ish


    This series is an awards show favorite for a reason: Starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, it brilliantly explores racial issues (and just plain life issues) through the eyes of an African-American family trying to keep it real in the suburbs.

    Watch on ABC or Hulu.

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  • A Series of Unfortunate Events


    Film and TV adaptations of beloved book series often fall flat (as did the movie version of A Series ... starring Jim Carrey), but this new Netflix offering starring the supremely talented Neil Patrick Harris is as whimsical and (disturbingly) charming as the source material.

    Watch on Netflix.

  • MasterChef Junior


    If you're one of those parents who's afraid to let your kid use a butter knife (guilty!), a few episodes of MasterChef Junior will inspire you to allow some culinary experimentation: Under the tutelage of Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi, the young contestants put most adults to shame in the kitchen.

    Watch on Fox or Hulu.

  • The Twilight Zone


    With all the buzz over Black Mirror, your tween might be tempted to give it a try -- but that series isn't exactly kid-friendly. Satisfy their appetite for the surreal with the show where it all started: The Twilight Zone. Not only is it obviously amazing, but there's never any inappropriate content (it debuted in 1959, let's not forget!).

    Watch on Netflix.

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  • I Love Lucy


    Modern-day sitcoms as we know them wouldn't exist without I Love Lucy, which is a truly ageless masterpiece. Plus, watching the show with your kids gives you the opportunity to explain what a fierce, groundbreaking female Ball was. (Did you know she was the first woman to run a major TV production studio?)

    Watch on Hulu.

  • Modern Family


    This show is proof that both traditional and nontraditional families face the same challenges, as literally anyone who's ever been a parent or child (or husband or wife) can relate to Modern Family's painfully funny story lines. Your kids will probably laugh, too.

    Watch on ABC or Hulu.

  • Fuller House


    Just like you loved Full House, your kids will love this reboot (and you'll get a kick out of keeping up with the grown-up versions of your fave characters, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy -- or at least appreciate the nostalgia).

    Watch on Netflix.

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  • Doctor Who


    Sci-fi fans of all ages can geek out together over Doctor Who, the British series that's won legions of fans for making time travel and intergalactic adventures surprisingly funny.

    Watch on Amazon.

  • The Brady Bunch


    Escape to simpler times with this beloved blended family sitcom. Sometimes it's just nice to believe that all problems can be fixed in 30 minutes, right?! (And wouldn't we all love to have an Alice in the house??)

    Watch on Hulu.

  • The Wonder Years


    Consider The Wonder Years an entertaining way to educate your kids about the '60s and '70s (much like it gave us a glimpse into our parents' childhoods). Of course, some things about growing up -- crushes, mean older brothers, and oftentimes clueless parents -- never change.

    Watch on Netflix.

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  • America's Got Talent


    Show your kid that anything's possible if you shoot for the stars (and also happen to be really, really good at something) with America's Got Talent. There's a wide variety of acts, whereas other shows, like The Voice, just showcase singers. So you never know what kind of lessons your little ones will be inspired to sign up for (that could be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it!).

    Watch on NBC or Hulu.

  • Gilmore Girls


    A particularly poignant viewing choice for mothers and daughters, the Gilmore Girls revival has been a huge hit with fans both new and old (as we are sure you've heard). Best for tweens and teens!

    Watch on Netflix.

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