Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Winner May Have Been Leaked on Instagram

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If you're a fan of The Bachelor, you know that escaping spoilers is basically impossible, but what if they get out from the contestants themselves?! Over the weekend, one of Nick's women may have revealed she's engaged, and we're totally shocked about who she could be. Warning -- SPOILERS AHEAD!


Over the weekend, popular Instagrammer Girl With No Job -- aka Claudia Oshry -- posted a photo of herself posing with Corinne. It looks like a super cute photo of Claudia with a Bachelor contestant ... until you notice the sparkly diamond on a certain finger on Corinne's left hand.

One of us is a Bachelorette contestant and the other has a nanny.

A photo posted by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) on

Being that The Bachelor was filmed so recently, at first, it seems like the only logical explanation for this is that Corinne and Nick are engaged, right? And if that's true, we are all set to panic. We haven't seen a Bachelor choose a villain since Ben Flajnik proposed to Courtney Robertson, and we all know how that turned out. 

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And if you're freaking out as much as we are, don't worry -- we doubt that ring means what you think it means. Maybe she met a new man since filming wrapped and ended up in a speedy engagement? Or maybe she's just accessorizing. Knowing Corinne, we wouldn't be surprised if she was just wearing a ring on that finger to make us think she and Nick were engaged. 

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Plus, if Corinne really was engaged to Nick, the stars are under strict orders to keep their relationships under wraps until the finale airs. She's always doing new things that shock us, but we seriously doubt she'd violate her contract like that! 

To know for sure, though, we'll have to wait 'til Nick's final rose ceremony, which is still a couple of months away. We need to know! 

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