Jenelle Evans May Be Done With 'Teen Mom 2' for Good

Jenelle Evans

Another day, another reality star who may or may not have walked off the show that made her famous. Jenelle Evans has reportedly quit Teen Mom 2, after MTV refused to meet her demands to continue filming.


Jenelle is hardly the first reality star to complain about bad editing, but she apparently got MTV to re-edit some scenes in which she was portrayed in a negative light. 

A source told Radar Online that Jenelle was fed up with how MTV treated her and her boyfriend David Eason in comparison to the other girls on the show. "In the promos for the show, they always show happy moments for other girls with their kids, but she said if it was a promo involving her it's all drama and stuff that makes her look bad," the insider revealed.

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However, Jace and Kaiser's mom reportedly refused to film anything more until MTV agreed to change things. "She told the producers that they capitalize on all her drama and she was sick of it," the source explained.

It looks like it worked, too. Jenelle got MTV to "delete some of the things that had been put on social media that were negative about her," and the last couple of episodes have put her in a much more positive light.

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But like most things, it didn't last long, as In Touch is reporting that she has "seemingly quit" the show altogether. An insider reported, "She had a huge fight with the team and told them she is not going to film anything else."

We can't blame the lady for being upset over creative editing on the show, but would she really bite the hand that feeds her like that? Oh, probably. But we're sure she'll be back.

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