Nick Viall's Final Pick Is Reportedly Second-Guessing His Intentions

Nick Viall

As hard as it has to be to compete for one man's affection on The Bachelor against many other women at the same time, we can't imagine what it's like to watch along with the rest of America as your new fiancé hooks up with other women when the season airs later. And as far as Nick Viall's chosen lady goes? It sounds like she's having a particularly rough time with it. A new report says that Nick's winner feels betrayed by his behavior on the show, and it's hard to blame her! 


According to what a source close to the new couple tells In Touch Weekly, Nick's final rose winner is pretty bummed seeing the way he behaved in the first few episodes of this season, and could even be making her question whether or not she sees a future with him. Uh-oh! 

The source tells the mag: 

During filming, Nick was really sweet and charming toward her. But watching back each episode, the winner is realizing more and more that Nick is a fraud. She finds his behavior to be completely inappropriate and she feels betrayed. Watching Nick on the show with the other women has been really hard. She isn't sure anymore if he's ready to settle down. 

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We totally get why she would be feeling this way ... whoever she is. But isn't this kind of what The Bachelor is about? One dude dates a bunch of women at the same time, so obviously chances are good that he'll be falling in love with (and smooching) other ladies, too! It sucks to have to watch the man you love behave that way, but it's kind of what you sign up for when you decide to do a show like The Bachelor

Last year, the same rumors circulated when Ben Higgins's season aired, so if Nick's final rose winner needs someone to talk to, maybe Lauren Bushnell could be of service? She and Ben managed to get through it, so maybe she can offer some comfort and words of wisdom for Nick's fiancée too. 

Hopefully, she'll be able to work through her feelings with Nick. We'd hate to see them break up before their proposal even airs! 

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