Matt Baier Is Over Reality TV & Wants to Be a Rock Star

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier

In the time that we've known him on Teen Mom OG, Matt Baier has made a lot of questionable decisions, but this one is definitely... interesting. Apparently Matt wants a career as a rock star -- at least, according to his latest addition to the house he shares with Amber Portwood. 


This week, Matt has been sharing bits and pieces of his music room in Amber's house -- yes, he has a music room -- on his Instagram, and he's even planning on taking guitar lessons. It's hard to see Matt as an actual musician, but rumors have been circulating that his end goal is to become a rock star. 

The good news? It doesn't sound like these rumors are true, even if he is taking music lessons. Matt talked to Real Mr. Housewife to clear things up, and a solid dose of sarcasm has assured us that we won't be seeing his name crop up on iTunes anytime soon. He said: 

I have taken one guitar lesson, so yeah, I'm ready for a career in music .... Look out, Eddie Van Halen.

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Well, that officially puts an end to that -- and honestly, it's probably for the best. After all, we have a feeling that Teen Mom OG keeps him pretty busy ... and can you imagine a world where Matt Baier is actually a rock star?! We can't. 

That said, it will still be interesting to see where these lessons take him. Maybe they'll be featured on the show next season? His first lesson was just earlier this week, so we guess time will tell! 

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