Mackenzie Douthit Tries to Convince Everyone She & Josh Are Rock Solid


Nothing to see here, folks! That seems to be the message Mackenzie (Douthit) McKee is sending about her marriage, just days after her husband accused her of cheating. He's apparently moved out of the house too, but you'd never know it by glancing at Mackenzie's Instagram page.


The Teen Mom 3 star posted a photo of her and her hubby locking lips on social media, and captioned it with nothing but a single heart emoji. Yeah, we're all kinds of confused too.

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Last week, Josh seemingly called his wife out on social media for becoming involved with another man. Mackenzie later countered the claims, saying that yes, she had been talking to someone, but he was married, and it wasn't a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, she also admitted that she suffered badly from postpartum depression after the birth of their third child Broncs several months ago, and that Josh didn't handle it well. She even reported that he told her to go kill herself, but not do it in front of him or the kids.

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Last we heard, Josh had moved out, and Mack didn't know what he wanted to do about their marriage, so this lovey-dovey photo is totally out of left field.

We're just hoping that these two have reconciled, and are working on putting all the drama behind them so that they can be the best partners and parents to their kiddos.

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