Family Who Lives in 'The Bachelor' Mansion Spill Details on What It's Like

Rick Rowell/ABC

If you're a fan of The Bachelor (and the franchise's various spin-offs), you've probably wished you could live in the show's iconic mansion -- or at least spend one night there, hanging out in that glorious pool. But unfortunately, that can't happen, because a family lives in the Bachelor mansion. For real! 


Of course, they're not there during filming, but when The Bachelor and Bachelorette are off season, a man named Marshall Haraden, his wife, and his four kids all live in the house, and recently, he talked to the Today show about what it's like. 

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According to Marshall, filming takes 42 days, which means for those 42 days, all their belongings go into storage so that the contestants can move in. But even when he's home, he does have to deal with fans creeping around his house from time to time -- and throwing rubber ducks into his pool. Yep, rubber ducks. 

He added: 

People think that when the show's on TV, it's happening at the house. Sometimes when we come home for dinner at 9 or 10 at night, there's people outside the gate climbing over the fence or on top of their cars trying to take pictures.

But even though that has to be annoying, it seems like he doesn't mind it too much, and even tries to avoid the house during filming. 

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Marshall told Today

I stay away from the house unless something breaks. I don't want to have special knowledge about anything that goes on so there's no way I can say something I'm not supposed to know. 

Hear that, Marshall's neighbors? No spoilers from him! 

As much as we'd love to have Chris Harrison and Nick Viall hanging out in our hood, it does sound like a hassle to move your family and all your stuff out twice a year. We hope ABC is paying them handsomely for the inconvenience! 

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