Amber Portwood Is About to Get Hit With a Nasty Lawsuit


So far, it doesn't sound like 2017 is Amber Portwood's year! After all the drama surrounding her new online boutique, Forever Haute, now it seems like the Teen Mom 2 star is wrapped up in another disaster. Apparently, Amber is being sued by her landlord, and it doesn't sound pretty! 


According to Radar Online, the landlord (a company called Zuluscape) of the house Amber and fiancé Matt Baier once lived in is suing the couple for more than $6,000 in damages that the company says weren't repaired when they moved out. But Amber's former neighbor says that the claims being made against them aren't true, since she left the place in the same condition she got it in.

The neighbor told Radar: 

She was quiet, to be honest with you. She rarely came out of the house! I watched the show before, and I knew her, but when she first moved in, we didn't know who she was. She wasn't loud or nothing like that. They've alrady rented it back out. Someone else is living there.

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And Amber, who's been speaking out about the suit on Twitter, has a similar point of view, claiming that she hired a professional cleaning service before she moved out: 

She also added in a later tweet that she felt the company was suing her because she's on TV and it hoped it could get a lot of money out of her. That would make sense, but who knows what the actual truth is? 

If she didn't really leave the place a mess, we hope she gets this sorted out quickly. Sounds like a major headache to us! 

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