Kailyn Lowry Runs into Even More Relationship Drama


Post-divorce romance can be tough, man. Javi Marroquin learned this recently when he and his girlfriend of a about a month split up, and now it looks like Kailyn Lowry is having her own relationship problems.


Kail hasn't been linked with anyone recently, but seems to be having a tough time in the love department. The Teen Mom 2 star raised eyebrows this week by tweeting about why some people won't make a commitment in relationships.

Isaac and Lincoln's mom pondered, "Can someone tell me why people will do relationship things with someone but claim they don't want a relationship?" She followed it up with, "Maybe they didn't want a relationship at first but things change, own it."

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Uh-oh. It looks like Kail got close to someone who wasn't ready to go to the same place as she was. When a fan said that maybe this person only wanted the "perks of a relationship," Kail responded with, "Right cause they wanna do dirty sh*t on the low lol."

Kail is possibly feeling like a second-fiddle or maybe even someone's side-piece, because she ended her mini-rant on Twitter with this one:

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Poor Kail. After a rough marriage and divorce, she deserves to be someone's priority, and it's pretty clear from her tweets that she's just not feeling it. Hopefully she's able to move on from this noncommittal person and find someone who truly makes her happy. 

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